Altona Village Progress Report

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to be completed in May 2020

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A Progress Report

February 13, 2020

  • The development of ALTONA in Worcester is accelerating.
  • Ultimately ALTONA will consist of 5-Villages of 1,964 homes, a Convenience Shopping Centre and a Total Oil Service Station.
  • PHASE ONE of 84-erven — to be known as ALTONA CRESCENT — is sold out with more than 50 houses already complete.
  • ALTONA CRESCENT — which was not part of the Security Villages to follow — is expected to be fully developed by the end of 2020.
  • ALTONA VILLAGE will be the first fully enclosed Security Village with security access control provided through a Gatehouse manned 24/7.
  • The Gatehouse is now under construction and will be completed in May 2020.
  • The Gatehouse will be manned 24/7 and will be fitted with biometric readers, number plate recognition and surveillance cameras to monitor access in and to the estate.
  • Two kilometres of walling around this Phase of 126-erven is now being completed. Electrified fencing will be added above the walls to provide effective security, this to come on stream concurrently with completion of the first new house in the Village.
  • The development will feature seamless optic fibre integrated voice and data connectivity.
  • The Services contract for construction of roads, storm water, sewage, electrical reticulation, street lights and earth contouring for winter planting has been awarded to DP2 Construction and Adenco Construction commencing March 2020.
  • The services will be completed in two phases, the first serving 65-erven by July 2020 and the remaining  61-erven by September 2020.
  • Transfer of the first 65-erven will commence after handover of the first phase. This should be in August/September 2020 with the balance in November/December 2020.
  • 72 of the 126-erven in ALTONA VILLAGE were sold by February 14 with more sales being concluded each week.
  • Principle Agents are Sotheby’s International (Tel:  023 347 224), represented by Pieter (Cell:  082 800 3791) and Bjorn Botha (Cell:  082 771 0529).
  • Associate agents are Realtors International (Tel:  023 342 2653) represented by Henry Hall (Cell:  083 227 6827)
  • First house plans are in design for submission to Council: initial construction based on pre-approved plans is expected to start in August 2020.
  • All construction vehicles will be routed through a Second/Construction Gate during working hours.
  • Planting of the Public Open Spaces and street verges will commence in June/July 2020.
  • A Play Ground — similar to that built by the Developers in the Public Park at the Worcester Dam — will be completed in the Public Open Space before the first houses in ALTONA VILLAGE come on stream.
  • On completion a scheduled micro-bus service will be introduced between the Gatehouse and Mountain Mill Shopping Centre to facilitate easy access for those without transport.

Progress Report Issued by Joint Developers: Rob Alexander and Martin Wragge through investment vehicle Altona Developments (Pty) Ltd.

Some of the trees to be planted in June/ July 2020


The planting regime for the new ALTONA VILLAGE Gatehouse

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